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Riding Lawn Mowers

Not all Riding Lawn Mowers are Created Equal


Riding lawn mowers are a great investment to make if you have any amount of grass in your yard whatsoever. The real beauty of riding lawn mowers today is that they cost much less than they did even a few years ago and as competition grows there are many models to choose from.

First of all, ladies, if you want your husband to mow the lawn, get him a cool toy on which to do it. You may think it sounds silly or that it is a lot of money to invest but consider this: how many shiny new tools - that he had to have - are sitting in the garage that are rarely if ever touched? Be honest, iIf you are lucky he will use his riding mower once or twice a week for many months out of the year. Which one is the better investment? And here’s the kicker, he will actually be happy to mow the lawn, at least for a little while because he gets to try out his shiny new toy.

Beyond that, once he tires of his new toy, he’ll let you play with it—maybe. Of course you could always send him to the local home improvement store some Saturday with the knowledge that you should have at least a couple of hours in which to try it out. In other words, riding lawn mowers are a great way to make a tedious chore a little bit fun.

It is important though that you don’t buy a riding lawn mower based on how it looks. You will want to compare the mowers that are available and make sure you pick the one that will work best for your grass, your yards, the terrain of your yard, and many other factors that can effect your lawn mowers ability to do the job your bought it to do.

There are three basic types of home riding lawn mowers (there are more if you are getting into heavy machinery but the purpose here is for home and garden, not large farms). The first type is a simply riding lawn mower. These are smaller machines that are designed for the singular purpose of mowing grass. They aren’t designed to handle attachments and aren’t meant for fieldwork at all. The next would be the lawn tractor. This machine is able to handle a few attachments and offers a little more versatility than traditional riding lawn mowers. Finally, there is the lawn and garden tractor. This machine has bigger tires, bigger engines, more power, and lots more bells and whistles. This mower can handle many different functions for lawn and garden work and is a great tool, if you need.

The important thing to keep in mind when buying a riding lawn mower is that you shouldn’t pay for things you don’t need. As cool as they are and as pretty as the mower may be, if you don’t need it to till, don’t buy one that tills. Compare the prices of mowers that suit your needs and avert your eyes from those that offer more or less than you need in your lawn equipment.







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