Season of Spring

Slug and Snail Control


Anybody who does any gardening will know the never ending battle with slugs and snails.  With the warmer weather and the April showers upon us it is the time of year when a great increase of slugs and snails start to appear in our garden and flower beds. Slugs and snails eat away at your plants causing great damage. It is best to tackle this problem sooner rather than later as you may be able to stop them from taking over your flowers and garden and ruining all your plants.

Take action now to get rid of slugs and snails in your yard.  What can you do to eliminate the number of slugs and snails in you garden?  Continue reading to get some very helpful information and tips to help with your slug and/or snail problem. 


Slug Pellets - Purchase some organic slug pellets and scatter them in the affected areas of your garden and flower beds. Only put down a few pellets as it does not take much to kill a slug or a snail.

Beer – Another method to help get rid of slugs and snails is to put some beer in a saucer or a flat plastic lid and place it on the ground amongst your plants. Another way is to pour some beer in a jar and place it in the ground so that the lip of the jar is level with the ground and the slugs and snails will fall in the jar of beer.

Copper Band – Try placing a copper band around the tops of you flower pots or plant containers. The copper band acts as a repellent to slugs and snails.

Predators – Frogs, toads, ground beetles, hedgehogs and birds are all predators to slugs and snails. If you have any of the above in your garden encourage them to stay around as they will help keep the population of slugs and snails down.

Hiding Places – Seeing as slugs like cool, dark and moist hiding places, try to trap the slugs by placing some flat pieces of slate, flat pieces of wood, rectangular building bricks and clay flower pot trays in and around your flower beds/plant beds. The slugs will crawl up under these objects in the evenings and then in the mornings you can turn the object over and they are then exposed to the birds or simply collect and dispose of the slugs yourself.

Compost Heap - Try building a composting pile in your yard.  Slugs and snails like decomposing materials an therefore will be much better here and not destroying your plants.

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