Season of Spring

Summer Body


Springtime is the time to start getting your tired, sluggish body into shape for the sunny days that are about to sneak up on you.  Are you ready to expose your flesh as soon as the sun shines? 

A few tips to get your winter body ready for the summer months:

Feet   (Looking after your feet):

1.)  Pumice - Start using a pumice stone on stick on the heels of your feet to help remove any dry/cracked skin. 

2.)  Moisturize - Be sure to put a good moisturizer on your feet when you go to bed. 

3.)  Pedicure - Book yourself in for a pedicure. 

4.)  Nail Polish - Apply a nice color of nail varnish to your toe nails.


1.)  Exfoliate - your legs before you tackle the removal of the hairs.  This will give your legs a boost by removing any dry, scaly and/or dead skin.  There are several ways to exfoliate; use a body brush, a body lufra or an body exfoliating creme while in the shower.

2.)  Hair removal - There are several ways to take care of the unwanted hairs on your legs.  Waxing, shaving and/or expoliating. 

3.)  Moisturize - be sure to apply a deep moisturizer after you remove the hairs from your legs.  A body oil will give your legs a nice shine.

4.)  Fake Tan - If you want to jump start your tan, apply a fake take lotion to give you that feel good factor.

Arms & Elbows:

1.)  Exfoliate  - your elbows and arms to help remove any dry, sluggish skin.

2.)  Moisturize - Keep applying lotion to your arms to help them become smooth and soft.

3.)  Fake tan - apply a fake tan lotion if you want to have a bit of color before the summer months.

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