Season of Spring

Springtime Window Cleaning

Springtime Cleaning is the perfect time to make your outside and inside windows sparkle and shine. In order to get squeaky clean and steak free shiny windows you will need to clean your windows at least twice a year. Cleaning your windows takes off layers of film, dust and grime. With springs beautiful weather, you will want all the bright sunlight to come gleaming through your sparkly windows to brighten up your house.  The last thing you will want to see when looking out your windows in the springtime is smears and marks. 

Do It Yourself (DIY)
Window cleaning is a big job and the amount of time it will take depends on how many window you have to clean. This is the cheapest option to take, but you will need to supply all your cleaning tools/supplies. Some of your windows may be out of your arms reach and therefore you may need a ladder to be able to reach these windows.

What works best for cleaning windows?
- The best things for cleaning window are newspaper (black and white paper) and a commercial window cleaner. This is also the cheapest option and probably the best. If you use newspaper it is best to wear gloves to save your hands from the mess. Using newspapers is also great for our environment as you are recycling the newspapers.
- Coffee filter work better than newspaper and paper towels but cost more than reusing newspapers.
- A Vinegar and water mixture works really well on cutting the grime on windows and mirrors.
- Paper towels work well but can leave a bit of lint behind.
- Commercial window cleaners like Windex and Windolene do a good job at cleaning.
- Window squeegees are good but can be difficult to remove your cleaning solution.

What tools do you need for cleaning windows?
Depending on the windows you are cleaning there are loads of different tools on the market that help to make window cleaning easier.

  • Step ladders
  • Ladders
  • Ladder mitts
  • Squeegees
  • Window clothes
  • Long Handled Brushes

Cleaning outside windows
- Start at the top level and work your way down to clean your outside windows. This is so that any spills or splashes don’t land on any of the window that you have already cleaned.
- Remove and mark all outside screens before you start cleaning. Mark the screens so that you put them back on the correct window when you have finished cleaning.
- Use a long handled broom or extension handle brushes to clean away any cobweb and dirt build-up to make the cleaning process easier.
- There are window cleaning formulas on the market just for outside windows.  These cleaners apply a protective coating for sparkling clear glass with one easy to use application.
- When you tackle the window cleaning job, make sure you clean your outside windows first, as this is a messier/harder job and can take a longer time to complete.

How can your remove dried paint splashes/marks from your windows?
Use a flat blade razor to scrape away any dried paint specks, marks or splashes that have landed on your windows. Take great care when using any sharp objects.

Cleaning inside windows
Cleaning inside windows is so much easier than cleaning outside windows. It is best to start at the top of windows and work your way down.

  • Place curtains and any ornaments out of the way.
  • Take great care when using step ladders.
  • (To remove mildew from window frames, use a cloth dipped in diluted bleach)

Using ladders
Always take great care if you need to use ladders to clean your windows. Use ladder mitts to help keep your ladder in place so that it doesn’t slip away while you are on it.

Hire/Pay a Window Cleaning Service
One way to get your windows clean is to hire/employee a window cleaning service to do the work for you. This costs money so if you can afford this luxury go for this option as all your windows will be cleaned at the same time. You can have just the outside windows cleaned, just the inside windows cleaned or both the inside and outside windows cleaned. If you choose to have a window cleaning company to clean your windows, it is a good idea to set up a schedule for cleaning. Ten to fourteen weeks between each window clean is a reasonable schedule.

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